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From origami and mask making to PlayStation 2 and hair weaving. Large screen TV for kids movie screenings. Computers for digitized fun. A full programme of activities is on offer at the Kids Club. Leave them to their indulgences as you pursue yours.


Monday 09:00 Masking   Friday 09:00 Galaxy Mobile
  10:00 Origami     10:00 Model Painting
  12:30 Cartoon Time     12:30 Cartoon Time
  15:00 Play-Doh Art     15:00 Mask Making
Tuesday 09:00 Card Making   Saturday 09:00 Friendship Necklace
  10:00 Pom Pom     10:00 Lollipop Stick
  12:30 Cartoon Time     12:30 Cartoon Time
  15:00 Banyan Tree Painting     15:00 Sand Castle Making
Wednesday 09:00 Mosiac Art   Sunday 09:00 Drawing & Coloring
  10:00 Magic Balloon     10:00 Nail Painting
  12:30 Cartoon Time        
  15:00 Bracelet Making        
Thursday 09:00 Flower Making        
  10:00 Play-Doh Art        
  12:30 Cartoon Time        
  15:00 Coliseum Fun        

*All activities are in the Tin Box (Kids Club), except Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoons, when activities start in the Kids Club and then move to an outdoor location.

*Tin Box Opening times: Monday - Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00

*Children of ages four and up may use the Kids Club during opening hours. Children under 4 years must be accompanied by a Parent or Baby Sitter.

A chargeable Baby Sitting Service is available at the Indigo Pearl on request.

Art of Sleep

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