Black Ginger – Closed from June 6th to July 2nd

Authentic flavours of Phuket in a modern masterpiece of ancient Thai architecture.

Floating magically on the softly-lit lagoon, the jewel in Indigo Pearl’s crown. A combination of rare Thai cuisines, Black Ginger has a fusion of flavours to entice your palette along with a unique ambience.

The menu will stimulate your tongue with authentic Phuket specialities such as its fresh seafood, tender grilled cuts, battered cha-plu, and exhilarating cocktails – all in a distinctive setting of architectural wonder, inventive design and hypnotic surroundings.

Black Ginger is a luxury restaurant offering Thai food fashioned with artistry in a stimulating mood that brings everything to life.

The interiors combine contemporary design with old-world charm. During buffet nights, the Thai cuisine is displayed in several locations within the restaurant, each station with an individual chef to recommend and cook their own Phuket specialities.

Among some of their favourite choices, you will find Som Tam, Tom Yum and Panang Curry. Other unique Thai dishes are waiting to be discovered. Sample rare southern delicacies such as crispy fried shrimp and battered cha-plu leaves drizzled with sweet chilli sauce, “roll your own” spring rolls served with juicy crab and tender pork, chilli purée, coriander and fresh vegetables with sweet tamarind sauce wrapped in a rice-flour pancake, or Southern Style Yellow fish Curry and an assortment of local vegetables.

Black Ginger offers a truly memorable location to enjoy dining at its finest. Black Ginger is a modern masterpiece for family and friends and a place you will return-to time and time again.